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Happy Fathers Day Messages 2017

Happy Fathers Day Messages 2017 In this post you will find all amazing messages which is send by so cute children to their father on fathers day occasion, If you are one of them who are searching for fathers day amazing messages then no other messages are you will find than below provided, read all the messages first you will love these and after if you like any of them just copy that one and write your name in the blank space provided below the message and send these messages to your beloved dad. Make him happy on this day, at last you should celebrate this day with some family member and give your father a treat, he is always be ready for you, fulfill all your dreams and wishes.

On this such a great occasion named fathers day we provide you all types of fathers day quotes, greetings, messages, cards, poems, sayings, craft ideas, coloring pages. So you need to check these posts related to your requirements. we provide all above listed posts and children, kids can use their section according to them, In some posts we provide some ideas like cards ideas and greeting cards ideas, you can use any of them for your father to make. If you like this post do share on any of your social media pages, we provide some buttons in the last of every post for easy share.

Happy Fathers Day Messages

Dad, your guiding
hand on my shoulder
will remain with me forever.

Happy Father’s Day


God gave me the greatest gift I ever had,
God gave me a best friend in the form of my dad.
Father’s Day wishes for a dad who is one in a million!


This will be my 16th years without you but then I can still feel your presence and now I begin to remember our old days. I know that you are REALLY PROUD of me for WHAT and WHO I am now. I am extremely blessed to have a father like you. Remember, I am your duplicate copy in so many ways from your aura to attitude (lol).Though I was not Noel Jr., but im proud to be same like you. The difference between us is I have a tearful eye.  Anyway, our names were almost sounds the same- Noel and Jonnell hehehee.

Pa, you know, I missed your louder voice when you were angry. I missed your simple smile to cover-up your tiredness after work. Before, I don’t really understand you in being strict and being diplomatic in imposing discipline. Maybe, at my younger age I am not aware of anything that might cause problem to our family. My minds that time are set to play and to enjoy. Now I realized the reason why sometimes you scolded us and reprimanded about the things we do. We (your siblings) may not be a good person now without your guiding hands. I may not achieve my dreams without the big challenge you gave. And we were not be a good christian without your thorough advise about God. I am not vocal to you and it never been be trying to say how much I care and love you but you are really mean to us. Pa, you are more than a SUPERHERO to me. You are someone to look-up to no matter how tall I’ve grown. HAPPY FATHER’s DAY Papa..



Dearest Papa,

Thank you making me laugh even when i was sad! Thank you for being that shining light in my darkest night! Thank You for encouraging me to waive a new dream each morning, Thank you for always being there for me in my sad days and also, the happy once..! Yes, i owe all that to you, You’re my SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and SPIDER MAN. Yes Daddy, You’re my BEST MAN!

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Love You Always

Your Little Baby

Kavya Jain


Hi Papa Jesus. Happy Father’s Day.

Thank you for every thing that you have done for me,my parents and my siblings….Sorry to the things,words or actions that i made by mistake to you and to other people especially to my beloved Papa and Mama..and also to my siblings. Take care and we all love you so much…God…we love you so much.

From: The youngest daughter and siblings of Legaspi Molina…


To my father,

I am giving love from my heart to my loving father. I feel I am the luckiest person in the world b’cause I hove got such a great and loving father.

Wishing u a very great Father’s Day.

With lots of love



Dear Daddy

I love you so much,

I wish I could prove it to you.

I don’t know where to start,

all I want to do is prove that I can do all I wish for

and all you wish for me to do.

I also want to prove that I can put my way through to the next level.

If so it be, may god help me and you and see you through.

I sent this song though Father’s Day is on third Sunday of June. I believe I have not been living up to your expectations. I hope you keep on praying for me.

Have a pleasant and wonderful day.

Chinasa (Natasie)

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Dear Dad

How are you?

I miss you so much after coming to Delhi. Take care of Mama and yourself. I wish I could spend more time with you when I came down to Bangalore. Staying away from you I have realized the importance of you in my life. Thank you for loving and caring for me so much.

Yours lovingly



Great Msg About Dad :
-A Great Man Who
-Spares His Life
-Hides His Feelings
-Ignores His Happiness
-Accepts The Struggle
So Don’t Hurt Your Lovely Dad
Think About Him !’

Whenever there is darkness in my mind,
You work like a candle
Ignite my soul with your words
Thanks so much my awesome dad!
Happy father’s day!


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